Helping pastors and parishes in transition

Leaving Well Workshop

How will you wrap up your current pastoral work well and be prepared for your next assignment?

Starting Well Workshop

Get a great start with guidance and resources to the essential components of effective transition.

Individualized Coaching

Customized, affordable transition plans for up to three, six, and twelve months for your transition.

You’ve been assigned to a new parish! We can help.


You don’t have to figure out and navigate the changes alone! Gateways Pastoral Resources provides pastoral coaching, planning, instruction, and resources to proactively guide and support effective pastoral transitions for:

  • Priests transitioning out of a parish to pastor a new parish
  • Pastors retiring
  • Parish staffs, leaders, boards, councils, and committees
  • Parishes communities

Navigating a successful and fulfilling pastoral transition is possible with the right tools. 

Gateways Pastoral Resources serves Christ and the life and mission of the parish by orienting both the departing and incoming pastors for optimal leadership during change. Gateways offers a planned and orderly approach of what otherwise is often overlooked and chaotic, while inviting, encountering and discovering God’s presence during the transition. Using the Gospel and liturgical seasons, Gateways emphasizes prayer, planning, the gifts and needs of others, and the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

A transition that is well planned and carried out can bring a stronger level of readiness, increased levels of collaboration, renewal of the parish mission. We teach adaptive skills and provide the tools and resources to support each pastor’s administrative, spiritual, and interpersonal dimensions of transitioning. Both pastors and parishes can experience smooth transitions, new levels of leadership effectiveness, deeper faith community, and renewed parish life!

Gateways Pastoral Resources partners with priests creating a personal pastoral transition plan that supports his:

  • Spiritual life
  • Current pastoral commitments
  • Level of energy and focus
  • Personal needs and interests, including a peer support network
  • Work/life balance
  • Personal and pastoral gifts, including expertise and knowledge
  • Residential move

You can actually grow stronger and become a more effective pastor as you prepare to leave. Register today and grow with other pastors!