Conflict Ministry

Ministry of mediation, conflict resolution & peacemaking

Gateways Pastoral Resources offers a ministry of mediation, conflict resolution, and peacemaking as a ministry to meet the needs of those seeking a dignified, proven way forward to navigate conflict, resolve disputes, and reach agreements.

We have witnessed the conflicts, division, and broken relationships that all of us experience throughout life and which separate us from each other and from God.

  • Family members cling to painful positions and grow apart following significant change, loss, and disagreements
  • Ministers and parish staff shun each other after a rift leaving passive aggression and pockets of resistance
  • A key administrative decision is made but deep distrust remains on the staff
  • After a pastor supports his staff in a conflict with a member of the parish, the hurtful gossip and vindictive treatment explodes, deeply dividing others
  • Following a conflict that appears addressed, after the proper words may be spoken, people carry distance, bitterness and pain

More than an alternative to courts and authority, our mediation and conflict resolution process focuses on fairness, reconciliation, peacemaking, and healing to parties of all kinds—among clergy, families, staffs, and faculties, parishioners—who are experiencing disputes, injury, loss, and who desire to move ahead with their lives, work, and relationships.

We will guide those who are tangled in conflict to:

  • Move away from attacking in thoughts and words, of judging and disapproving, holding on to being right, holding on to being wronged, and holding on to being hurt.
  • Move toward taking responsibility for our role in contributing to conflict, forgiving others, and asking God to help us change our hearts and habits to lead us away from conflict, to seek to repair any harm we have caused, and to gently restore peace.

Pope Francis has told us as disciples, we are all called by our baptism and as a Eucharistic community to address our conflicts with each other and move forward as full participants in the Body of Christ. He has stated:

Let everyone be moved to look into the depths of his or her conscience and listen to that word which says: Leave behind the self-interest that hardens your heart, overcome the indifference that makes your heart insensitive towards others, conquer your deadly reasoning, and open yourself to dialogue and reconciliation. The path of dialogue, reconciliation, and peace must constantly be taken up anew, courageously and tirelessly. (9/7/13)

Pope Francis

Gateways Pastoral Resources helps people talk about difficult matters, address conflict, reach agreements, and improve relationships to move on with their lives.

Tom Green is currently the conflict resolution professional serving the Diocese of Des Moines at the request of Bishop Pates and Chancellor Jason Kurth.