Starting Well Workshop

How to Get Off to a Great Start


You’ve been handed the keys, shown where the light switches are, and told where you can find a plunger. What happens next?

We provide guidance and resources to the essential components of effective transition, including coaching, leadership development, feedback, plus meeting practices and communication tools.


  • Learn the most critical concerns of the parish. Which concerns require your involvement now and which can wait?
  • Discern how to communicate your highest priorities and learn those of the parish
  • Schedule and conduct essential meetings to gradually transition into the work and world of the parish without draining you
  • Spark job performance, alignment, and shared goals with staff, leaders and parishioners
  • Set and communicate clear expectations of others
  • Learn what tensions and conflicts are present, which need to be addressed, and how to address them


  • Develop high levels of trust with staff, parish leaders, and parishioners
  • Prepare a variety of ways to humbly introduce yourself—your gifts, your interests, your needs, your faith story, and your humanity
  • Learn vision and priorities of previous pastor, assess and judge appropriate aspects of continuity, understand areas of challenge and difficulty
  • Recognize and understand sacred cows in the parish—and if necessary, how to herd them
  • Implement liturgical, worship, and ministerial changes different from “the way Father used to do it.”

Personal & Spiritual

  • Establish strong relationships and boundaries with parochial vicar, deacons, staff, parish leaders, and parishioners
  • Manage your time, commitments, and self care in alignment with your capacity, personal needs, and interests
  • Gain clarity about the challenges and opportunities for growth as a priest and pastor
  • Understand your new parish’s neighborhood, community and sphere of influence
  • Plan ways you need and desire to grow in your leadership and faith to move you closer to being a healthier, holier, and happier pastor

Gateways teaches lessons learned…

… from pastors, staffs, and leaders who have experienced engaged and growth-filled pastoral transitions, including do’s and don’ts of pastors in transitions.


Pastors, invite parishioners to share their views about pastoral transitions. We share survey results in our workshops.

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